I was born in Switzerland in 1953 and I have Italian roots.

In 1978 I opened my own studio. Since 1984, after a long stay in Asia, I have been working exclusively in the neriage technique.

Since 2005 I only use porcelain from Seto, Japan.

In 1992 and 1995 I was conferred a scholarship for applied art by the canton and the municipality of Lucerne.

In recent years, I have won various prizes such as the "Bronze Award" in Mino / Japan, the "Silver Award" in Varazdin / Croatia and the "Shimada City Price" in Sasama / Japan.

My works have been displayed at galleries and museums in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Egypt, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Croatia, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland.

To mention are the two major solo exhibitions in the Yingge Ceramics Museum Taipei, Taiwan and the Ceramics Museum Staufen, Germany.

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